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Our Programs

Program #1 Together


Poverty, hunger, and homelessness is an overwhelming and complicated problem. Our together program encourages a team approach in developing community projects which aid our most vulnerable citizens.

Program #2 Rapid Re-Housing



What is Rapid Re-Housing?


Rapid re-housing provides financial assistance and services for short-term rentals. The goals are to help homeless men and women obtain quick housing, become self-sufficient, and maintain a steady home. There are no requirements of employment, income, absence of criminal record, or sobriety and the resources and services provided are typically specific to the person’s needs.

How Rapid Re-Housing Can End Homelessness

Rapid re-housing is the initial phase for eliminating homelessness. It has been shown to be effective in transitioning homeless people into permanent housing for a lifetime. By placing people in a home, they are in a better position to confront the other issues that have contributed to their homelessness, such as obtaining employment or addressing substance abuse issues. This strategy has especially been effective for people commonly thought to be more difficult to help, such as people with no income or low income and domestic violence survivors.

Program #3 Health Care


The beginning of a new start on life is  good health. We are committed to helping the homeless and  the poor get the health care that they need and deserve by providing free chiropractic spinal care and partnering with charitable groups, local hospitals, physicians, insurance companies and federal agencies to find solutions to much needed health care.